Radio dating problems

Welcome Old Time Radio (OTR) Fans, If you are a fan of Old Time Radio, we would love to have you in our file sharing club! Read some comments about our old time radio club, sent in by members.

We currently have over 48,000 shows of all genres on the server available for download. Listen to our favorite OTR song while you browse this page.

If your favorite station doesn't carry the show, call them and ask for it!

Go to the "Club Members Area" if you are a club member and would like to listen to or download OTR shows. We think it's especially important to get young people interested.Our weekly feature "Country View" highlights folks with the love of all things country.Send us an email at [email protected] tell us all about you and your place in the country.I had more success on Fling than I did with most other sites I have tried and I didn’t have to put forth a lot of effort.They are up front about what they charge and most of the profiles are real.

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