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Dennoch wird er von den Tauchcentern nur selten angesteuert.

"Um von der Bucht aus zu den Autowracks zu gelangen, muss man erst knapp 20 Minuten an der Oberfläche gen Osten schwimmen, was vielen Tauchern zu anstrengend ist", sagt Ramirez.

Built by the Dutch (1634-1675), the West Indian Company shortly after they took the island from the Spaniards.

In the back is the old Fort-church (Dutch reformed church now the United Protestant Church, rebuilt in 1763.

Fort George, built in 1705 is a standout as is the nearby Pingouin Beach.

The airport expansion project is approximately two (2) years ahead of schedule, and the planned improvements are substantially more extensive than is required by the concession agreement between the Government of Curaçao and Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP).

The planned expansion by CAP will increase the capacity of the airport to at least 2.5M passengers, and will efficiently accommodate the anticipated demand by the airlines for new air service capacity.

The Curaçao Ports Authority has revamped its website with a fresh new look.

Our main goal is to provide an enjoyable browsing experience of the many maritime services and facilities, the professional port partners, the port authority and our rich history.

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