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The history of TIMS-based research at Curtin can be traced back to the 1960s, when the isotope study group carried out Rb-Sr and Lu-Hf chronological studies.The facility has recently installed a Thermo Scientific Triton TM mass spectrometer, facilitating a new range of geochemical, geological and environmental research applications.Considering also the relatively lower radiogenic initial Os ratio of this sample, we suggest that the later stage pyrite ore was probably formed through crystallization from the magmatic hydrothermal fluids.Combined with other geological and associated magmatic data, we propose a skarn-related fluid–ore interaction process to explain the second stage of metallogenesis in the Shangbao pyrite deposit.

Two pyrite samples, both containing many euhedral pyrite grains, were collected from the same locality, but the samples yield distinct ages.

In South China, both crustal reworking and crust–mantle interaction were important geological processes during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras.

However, the relationships between these two processes and metal mineralization are still unknown.

These study results suggest that multiple stages of gold mineralization have developed in the Sawayaerdun deposit, and similar mineralization processes may have taken place in other parts of the Western Tianshan Orogen.

TIMS Facility provides highly accurate and precise measurements of the isotopic composition of elements using TIMS Triton TM instrument, including sample preparation in clean contamination-free environment.

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