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We have done many of the at-home date nights from The Dating Divas site (it has totally saved date night for us in our situation!), and this You Tube date has been our favorite one so far!

In this first episode, Mary decides to search for love in a grocery store. View video This is a funny video that starts off a bit slow but gets better as it goes along.

Our picks this week include dad jokes, a clip from the sketch group Dry Hump Comedy, some choice words from your favorite NFL Football players, an endorsement for the candidate Bernie Sandwiches, and advice from kids on dating.

After you’ve watched the videos, vote for your favorite in our poll.

He doesn’t even get to the punchline before Bea is in hysterics.

Dad jokes are usually groaners, and even President Obama is guilty of them.

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Now that we have a little one at home, it is much harder to get out for date night.

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