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Taking preventative measures could go a long way to ensure that your children are being safe with their technology.

After a lot of cajoling and encouragement, he finally agreed to try it and was much pleased with the results. He leaned over to me and whispered loudly, “If you were wearing a skirt, I’d diddle you under the table” (followed by a graphic description of said diddling). Ask him: “I’ve told you more than once that I don’t like it when you try to talk dirty out of the bedroom or when we’re in front of other people, and you haven’t stopped. It’s become such a turnoff that we’ve stopped having sex altogether, and you’re still not stopping. ” If you have that conversation and he still doesn’t knock it off, then I think it’s time to start leaving the room when he reverts into Sexy Narration mode. He’s not someone that we see often, but we encounter him and his bride two or three times a year at parties, are friends on Facebook, etc.It seems that she casually told some of her friends not to wear blue, and I didn’t get the message.She was apparently horrified that I had worn “her color.” Another woman also wore blue and got the same treatment.Even if the photo never makes it into the wrong hands, one study shows that teens who engage in sexting are more likely to take bigger sexual risks (such as having sex) that could lead to sexually transmitted diseases or teen pregnancy.Apps like Snapchat make it easy for teens to share suggestive images, and the automatic delete feature make the app seem ideal for sexting, but as some have learned the hard way, there's no such thing as an erasable digital footprint.

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