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We’ll cover that and cover in general what seems to work the best to maximize a particular Marshall.

Some work well with high-output style humbucking pickups, others really come alive with PAF (i.e. While certainly there is much opinion about what makes good tone – which can be an argument in and of itself – there are certain facts and consistencies of setups to avoid.

Hi all, I don't know anything really about Marshall amps.The legacy of Marshall amps doesn’t rest solely upon the 100-watt Super Lead, though.From the early JTM 45 prototypes to the Bluesbreaker combos and later innovations, Marshall stood for a particular sonic response, a brand of British rock quite separate from the jangly tones of Vox amps.For the first time, people could see a band live with hundreds of thousands of fellow fans and actually the band over the crowd.In some cases, the band could now drown out the crowd completely.

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The output of the third prototype is supposed to have exceeded 100 watt (Doyle, History of Marshalla big Hammertone Radiospares power transformer (with taps for both 350VAC and 425VAC).

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