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@allonblackthecolouryourdressedin I’m not pretending I did nothing wrong but if you think Shmorky is innocent of grooming me and that I’m a pedophile, you’re wrong.I have absolutely nothing to hide; all my cards are on the table.

In particular, sex addicts often turn to the Internet as a new and safe sexual outlet to fulfill their compulsions without the expense of costly 900-lines, the fear of being seen at an adult bookstore, or the fear of disease among prostitutes.

The ACE Model examines the Anonymity of online interactions that serves to increase the likelihood of the behavior, the Convenience of cyberporn and sexually-oriented chat rooms making it easily available to users, and finally, the Escape from mental tension derived from the experience which serves to reinforce the behavior leading to compulsivity.

The of electronic transactions provides the user with a greater sense of perceived control over the content, tone, and nature of the online sexual experience.

We have kids, and during the days they are left watching TV or playing their own online games. Originally, she wanted a divorce but lately seems happy with an "open marriage" in order to preserve the family.

She says that she does not love me, although I still love her. I went to counseling, and she even went with me once and on her own once, but she fails to see any value in it and will not go again.

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