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Puis une grosse pierre atteint la femme à la tête, elle tombe, sa burqa couverte de sang.Après la fin du lancer de pierres, quelques personnes se demandent si elle devrait être fusillée.Finalement, l'un des spectateurs tire sur elle avec un AK-47. Il y a une courte période de silence total, puis les spectateurs commencent à se parler.L’homme est ensuite amené, les yeux bandés et portant sa propre tunique. warplane is big enough to drop it: it has to be offloaded from the rear of a cargo plane, with the help of a parachute.“Although the weapon leaves a large footprint, it is discriminate and requires a deliberate launching toward the target,” the Pentagon report concluded.(The “K” stands for Khorasan Province, a historic area that includes parts of modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan.) It is blamed for the first U. combat death in Afghanistan this year, when Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar, a Green Beret and a father of five, was killed in the same area of Nangarhar last week. decision to drop the bomb was striking for several reasons.

Du kannst mit anderen Mitgliedern live per IM, Sprach- oder Videochat Kontakt aufnehmen. Suchst du ein Sexabenteuer oder einfach jemanden zum chatten und flirten?If you look at what has happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what has happened over the last eight years, you will see there has been a tremendous difference.”Others disagreed.Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai criticized the mission. The United States has been at war in South Asia since 2001, at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.The attack also comes after a year of significant progress against the jihadi extremists who, like their brethren in Iraq and Syria, seek to establish a caliphate, with Jalalabad as their capital. More than a hundred additional fighters, including two leaders, have been killed this month, Afghan officials say. to deploy several thousand more troops in Afghanistan. Pressed on whether he had ordered the mission, Trump told reporters, on Thursday, “What I do is authorize my military.” President Obama, a lawyer, was deeply involved in decision-making on all major military actions.In contrast, the war with the Taliban is at a stalemate, Nicholson said this year. The decision to deploy the first With the approval of U. Central Command, Nicholson called in the strike, a reflection of how President Trump has shifted major wartime decisions to the U. Trump has deflected decisions to the generals who hold key positions in his inner circle or who are in the field.“Frankly,” Trump told a White House pool, “that is why they have been so successful lately.

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