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The company featured in this case study asked to have its name publicly blinded because publicly endorsing vendors is against their policies.

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A revised governance structure including a Project Steering Group and superusers within key IT Services teams is being developed to support this new agile approach – where groups of tasks are reviewed and revised as the project progresses rather than waiting to the end of the project to approve the full functionality.

Consolidation also fits neatly into a company's green strategy, since less IT equipment produces less carbon and contributes to lower electricity bills. CASE STUDY 1 Virtual desktop infrastructure: Leicestershire Constabulary VDI keeps bobbies on the beat Like most frontline public services, Leicestershire Constabulary has turned to technology to reduce bureaucracy, while also keeping costs down.

Inspector Sanjiv Pattani of Leicestershire Constabulary says when the government released £50m to fund mobile policing initiatives following the publication of the late-2007 Flanagan report, the Midlands force was already looking at ways to use existing IT to increase officer productivity.

Consolidation is flavour of the month for IT departments.

It helps businesses lower the cost of IT management by reducing the number of physical servers, desktop PCs and network infrastructures that must be supported.

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