Exercise backdating

The company would then grant the option but date it at or near its lowest point.

This is the granted option that would be reported to the SEC.

You can vary the time to expiration by selecting a specific date, or by changing the time remaining a day at a time.Backdating is dating any document by a date earlier than the one on which the document was originally drawn up.Under most circumstances, backdating is seen as fraudulent and illegal, although there are some situations in which backdating can be used in a legal and beneficial way, such as backdating a claim for a past period.The act of options backdating has become much more difficult as companies are now required to report the granting of options to the SEC within two business days.This adjustment to the filing window came in with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.

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Sometimes certain claims (such as insurance claims) can be backdated if the could not be completed at an earlier date, although there must be good reason for neglecting to claim in advance.

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