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And more to the point, she shares the do's and don'ts for successful first dates as well as the top 6 mistakes women make on first dates.

Also, Trea will dare you to date differently by teaching you what you can do to make him want to see you again.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have devised an ingenious method for creating lifelike hair fibers the only requires a common, inexpensive fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer.

The technique is surprisingly simple: the printer squeezes out a small dollop of molten plastic and then pulls away, stretching the material into a long strand -- much like the sticky strings that hot glue guns leave behind.

The key to a successful first date is realizing that the objective is to get a second date!

Plus, depending on how densely the fibers are packed and their positioning, they can potentially be used in a variety of applications -- from hairpieces to toothbrush bristles.While the subject is fiercely debated, here's a classic 1998 interview with 3D... When Massive Attack decided that they'd meet the press in Dublin, Stuart Clark got just thirty minutes to prepare for the interview.But he still manages to talk to 3D about music, football, the band's new album Mezzanine - and the difficulties of making sweet leurve to the sound of your own records.For a few days in August, will be launching a Model Males pop-up in London that will feature 3D-printed versions of some of the male members on its platform.As such, those who visit the pop-up will have the chance to review the profiles of each Match member in person, encouraging women to make the first move should they find a partner that they may be interested in pursuing.

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However, for all the dragging that Rochkind and the other contributors are getting, this piece One of the things that stands out in this article is – frankly – the prioritization of women’s appearances above everything else.

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