Not wishing to bore you with the details, let me condense the experience. ” My mother went around the house for a month hunched in the approximate shape of a question mark, muttering “what did I do? ” My father was more enterprising; he chased me around the house with a pair of scissors in order to cut my hair, presumably believing my long locks to be the source of my desire for other men, as if I were some sort of Gay Samson.

My orientation, my “direction”, like every other man I know, disposes me to desire humans who are off-limits. I have to deny my own very natural impulses and desires, and subjugate them to what God wants for my sexuality. I’d rather not let that polygamous orientation be my very identity, because it’s not my identity.The other sexual orientations are bisexuality and homosexuality.Asexuality (or being non-sexual) indicates having very little interest or attraction to anyone at all.I wanted him to critique it, because he’s one of the most thoughtful people I know on issues of sexuality. Because I believe in Him, and because I believe He made you in His image, that is how I must see you.He’s what other people would call a “gay Christian”, though he would never use that phrase, and I won’t, either. ” and “Hold on, because you’re going to get blasted from both sides.” I know. Some will pore over this, reading only enough to see if I’m on their “team”. If I don’t keep to an accepted line of thinking, I’m immediately a bigot, or a liberal, or just a weirdo. I often converse about these things with friends, but haven’t previously written about it. Not fear that I’ll be attacked (that’s a given in my field) but fear that I won’t be fair – that I be fair – to everyone in a mere blog post.

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