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For the approximately 7.5 million Americans affected by psoriasis, the thick, red, scaly, itchy plaques it causes only scratch the surface when it comes to the overall implications of this disease.

Now, ongoing research linking psoriasis to other serious medical conditions and the incredible toll it can take on a person's overall quality of life are shifting the way psoriasis is viewed -- from a common skin disease to a complex systemic condition.

Psoriasis is a persistent, long-lasting (chronic) disease if not cured.Cold, medications, infections, traumas, body and psychological stress may play a role in starting the disease.Psoriasis is not contagious, and there is no cure for the moment.Others are thrilled if the redness fades or their skin is less itchy.The first treatment you try may not be the solution.

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"It is important to note that while we are unsure whether psoriasis causes other diseases or that these other diseases cause psoriasis, the fact that an association exists at all is critically important in treating psoriasis patients," said Dr. One recent observational study of 3,236 patients with psoriasis and 2,500 patients without psoriasis who served as the controls concluded that patients with psoriasis experienced an increased incidence of ischemic heart disease (where the blood vessels are blocked leading to the heart), cerebrovascular disease (where the blood vessels are blocked leading to the brain), and peripheral vascular disease (the obstruction of arteries in the arms and legs), and mortality.

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